Play Ancient China Solitaire

Remove all the cards in this unique solitaire game set in ancient China.

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Ancient China Solitaire Instructions

This is quite an original solitaire game. The goal of the game is to remove all the cards and it is similar in some respects to Tri Peaks Solitaire although there is a lot more chaos here! The interesting twist is that you can remove any card that you can click (even if it is partially hidden behind other cards).

You can only remove cards that are either one lower, one higher or equal to your current card. Sometimes you might not be able to make out the card, but if you can get the mouse pointer over it you can see the value in the top right of the game screen. Be warned, incorrect selections will cause you to lose points.

This solitaire game is also played against the clock, giving you 5 minutes to complete a round. If you run out of time then you'll be booted to the game over screen.

It can be quite a challenging game, but there are jokers that can be used at any time to help you out and with some thought and scanning the cards with your mouse it can be quite a satisfying game.

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