Play Fairy Solitaire

Help the fairies by removing all the matching cards.

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Fairy Solitaire Instructions

Fairy Solitaire is a cute and fairly simple matching card solitaire variant. The rules are simple, you must clear the cards by combining pairs of cards of the same number, the suit is not important. This is similar to Pyramid Solitaire, in which you have to make pairs of cards which sum up to 13.

If you can't see a move click on the deck at the top to get fresh cards. If you can't find any moves whatsoever you can click the shuffle button which will shuffle all the remaining cards, usually unblocking a match possibility.

Each time you pass a level the next layout will be more complicated than the previous one and the amount of time you will have to complete the level will decrease from what it was last time.

Really this online solitaire game is all about finding how quickly you can see those matching pairs and seeing if you can do it before you run out of time!

Good luck!