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About Solitaire Paradise

Here at Solitaire Paradise we love all card games and solitaire games. We've made it our mission to create these games and find others from other developers so that you can enjoy playing the best solitaire games in one place. Our solitaire games are made by our sister company called Glowing Eye Games. Just so you know, developers do make a living from the adverts contained in those games.

We started making these free solitaire games and card games because we found that so many of them that were available online at the time (in the year 2009!) were either just functional in the way they looked and sometimes had annoying issues that reduced our enjoyment of them. So whenever we create a new one we try hard to build a beautiful world that everyone can enjoy and often try to experimenting with the rules of the games to offer interesting variations that we hope bring enjoyment to the kind of people who want their games to involve a bit more skill and intelligence. Our early games like Magic Towers and Pyramid Solitaire - Ancient Egypt are still great examples of this philosphy. We've continued that all way through with more recent games like Golf Solitaire. Those three are probably our best creations so far.

Recently we had a chat in the office and worked out that the games we'd most recommend to people (excluding the three mentioned above) are Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Solitaire 2 (a classic solitaire variant) and Forty Thieves Solitaire.

We have also started creating solitaire games for iPhone and iPad. The first game we released was Magic Towers Solitaire and recently we have released Halloween Tripeaks. We are particularly proud of Magic Towers Solitaire as it is been so popular on the iPad.

Thanks for visiting the site and enjoying our card games and solitaire games. We'll continue making them for as long as people want to play them! Coming soon will be the how to play solitaire page. We'll be adding rules and hints and tips on how to play and win all the most popular solitaire games.