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About Solitaire Paradise

Here we pride ourselves on creating, finding and distributing solitaire games, card games and puzzle games. All our games are completely free to play and don't require any download. The games made by the former owner of Solitaire Paradise (Glowing Eye Games) include many of the most popular games on this site. Glowing Eye Games started creating these games in 2009 because they felt that card games in general often lacked the professional touch that could make them more interesting and fun. They have taken a great deal of effort to create exciting themes, settings and rule updates for each type of solitaire game that they have found.

We have worked hard to create a website that you can trust, where you can relax and enjoy yourself for few a minutes or more. If you do like the website we'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word and it will help others to find these relaxing games.

We also regularly search the internet for popular games made by other developers. We hope you enjoy playing all these card games as much we have enjoyed making them, finding them and playing them ourselves!

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