Solitaire Strategy

Best practices across all solitaire games

Each solitaire game is different, so it is difficult to give general tips that apply across all games. However, we did our best to find some common best practices for playing any type of solitaire game.

1. Think ahead

Always think a few steps ahead before you make a move, especially in open games such as FreeCell.

2. Don't make a move just because you can

Never move a card just because you can. It always has to be part of a tactic, e.g. to reveal more cards. If there is no reason to move a card, don’t do it yet and a much better option might become available.

3. Increase your options

When you encounter a situation in which you can make two moves, choose the move that will increase your options for further play. One example is when there are two cards of similar rank available to play, pick the one that will result in uncovering the most cards or gets you closer to clearing a column.

4. Watch out for Kings and Aces

Most solitaire games don't allow players to move a King on top of another card, so always keep this in mind. Similarly, for Aces it is almost never allowed to put a card on top of an Ace, so once you have an Ace as the top card in a pile, you cannot use that pile anymore.

5. Play Aces and Twos immediately

In almost all circumstances Aces and Twos will not help you move or reveal hidden cards. As such these are better to be placed into the foundation piles the moment you can do so.

6. Use the undo button

Most games feature an undo button, so don't hesitate to use it to your benefit.

7. Familiarise yourself with the rules

Understanding and becoming familiar with the rules of the solitaire game you're playing is key to mastering it. This helps you make calculated steps quickly and accurately, and with practice allows you to master the game.

8. Switch up your strategy

Most players often develop their own strategy for different games with practice. However, if you're struggling with one strategy, don't be afraid to change it up and consider exploring other techniques.

9. Remember, not all solitaire deals are solvable

Though the games are designed to be winnable, there can be deals that simply cannot be solved. Do not be discouraged if you find yourself in this scenario; understand the situation and continue challenging yourself with a new deal.

In addition to the general pointers mentioned above, here are some tips for specific games.

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