Play Cardmania Pyramid Solitaire

Cardmania Pyramid Solitaire is a fun variation of pyramid solitaire with 30 levels and 3 difficulty levels.

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Cardmania - Pyramid Solitaire Instructions

Try to get through everyone of the 30 levels in this version of pyramid solitaire.

The rules are simple. Try to remove all the cards on the table by pairing the cards that give a sum of 13 points regardless of their suits.

Valid pair examples are: A + Q, 2 + J, 3 + 10, 4 + 9, 5 + 8 and 6 +7. The King can be removed by itself. Note that the Jack is worth 11 points, the Queen is worth 12 points and the Ace is worth 1 point.

Jokers, if availble, can be paired with any playable card. They are limited to either two, one or none depending on the difficulty level.

As you progress through each of the 30 levels their difficulty increases.

There are three difficulty levels. Easy - you get 2 jokers, Normal - you get 1 joker and Hard you don't get any jokers.

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