Play Tri Peaks Solitaire - Tripeaks

Remove all cards from the Tri Peaks in this classic version of Tri Peaks.

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Tri Peaks Solitaire game info

  • Family: Adding & Pairing Solitaire Games
  • Decks: 1 deck (52 cards)
  • Game time: Short
  • Chance of winning: High
  • Also known as: Tripeaks, Three Peaks, Triple Peaks, Twin Peaks

How to play Tri Peaks Solitaire

Table of contents


You have to remove all the cards in the three peaks from the tableau. To remove a card simply select one that is either one higher or lower than the deck card at the bottom. This combination of Golf and Pyramid Solitaire has simple rules!

Layout & deal

At the start, three adjacent peaks of six face-down cards are dealt to the tableau. On top of these three peaks, ten cards are dealt face-up. The rest of the deck, 24 cards, go face-down into the stock.

The top card of the stock is turned face-up and placed next to the stock. This card is called the “deck card” or “waste pile”.

Allowable moves

A card in the tableau can be removed if it is a rank higher or lower than the current deck card (the top of the waste pile). The suit of the cards does not matter. Just click the card you want to remove and it will move to the waste pile. You can remove multiple cards from the tableau after each other, just click them one by one. When a face-down card in one of the three peaks does not have any cards on top of it anymore, it will turn face-up. If there are no moves available anymore, click the stock to turn the top card of the stock face-up and move it to the waste pile. This becomes the new deck card. There is no redeal of the stock.

The Flash version of Tripeaks we feature here has a wild card. You can place the wild card on top of your waste pile at any time and then put any other card from the tableau on top it.


Tri Peaks is about more than just clearing the tableau. It offers a number of score bonuses while you play and for finishing a round which will help you on the score board. If you remove multiple cards in a row from the layout without turning over the stock, your score per card increases. There is also a time bonus for when you finish a layout quickly.

In the Flash version there are additional bonuses for winning multiple rounds in a row, for not using the wild card, and for the number of deck cards that remain. In our experience, we think you'll be better off using the wild card to increase your chances for winning and for making longer runs. Note that in the Flash version the undo button won't interrupt any score bonuses including the card run bonus that you get for removing multiple cards in a row.


  • Form long sequences: In order to get a high score, it is critical to form long sequences without turning the stock because the points per card will increase with every card you remove from the tableau. So carefully plan your moves ahead!
  • Uncover face-down cards: If you have to choose between two options, for example if there are two cards of the same rank that you can play, take the one which will uncover the most face-down cards, because open cards will often allow to perform additional moves.
  • Wild card: In the Flash version of Tri Peaks you have the possibility to play one wild card, only one, so use it wisely.
  • Undo: The undo button allows you to take back any single move of either removing a card from the layout or turning over a deck card. If you are feeling a little bit sneaky then you can use it to peak under cards in the layout which is very handy when you you have two or more options for cards to remove. You can also use it to look under a deck card, just immediately undo the move after you do it! Be careful because in the HTML5 version the undo button breaks your score bonus for a sequence.


Unlike many other solitaire games, Tri Peaks is a rather new game. According to Wikipedia it was invented in 1989 by Robert Hogue and was originally part of Windows Entertainment Pack 3. It first appeared as a computer game, and it is still becoming more popular.


Tripeaks is similar to Golf Solitaire, in which you also have to select cards which are one rank higher or lower, although the tableau has a different layout. It also has similarities with Black Hole which follows the same rules for removing cards, but has a different layout similar to La Belle Lucie. While the gameplay of Pyramid is different, its layout and deal are relatively similar to Tri Peaks.


How to set up Tri Peaks?

Lay out three adjacent peaks of six face-down cards to the tableau. On top of the three peaks, deal ten cards face-up. The rest of the deck goes face-down into the stock.

How to play TriPeaks solitaire with a deck of cards?

Take a regular deck of cards with 52 cards and remove the jokers. Deal three peaks of six cards face-down onto a table. The top row of a peak has 1 card, the second row has two cards which each partly overlap with the top card, and the third row has three cards, which also partly overlap with the row above. Deal an additional 10 cards face-up. Put the rest of the deck below the three peaks and turn the top card of the stock to form the waste pile. You can now start playing Tri Peaks with a physical deck of cards!

How many cards are used in Tri Peaks Solitaire?

Tri Peaks is played with one regular deck of playing cards, so 52 cards in total.

How many levels are there in TriPeaks solitaire?

You can play as many rounds of Tri Peaks as you want. Each round will have a different deal so there is actually an endless possibility of levels in Tri Peaks.

Can you play solitaire TriPeaks offline?

Yes, there are many possibilities to download Tri Peaks so you can play it offline without using internet. Another option is to play Tri Peaks with a real deck of cards.

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