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Scarab Solitaire is a nicely put together tri peaks card game with a time limit.

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Scarab Solitaire Instructions

To win a level in Scarab Solitaire remove the three blue Scarab cards at the top of the tripeaks. Can you clear all 5 levels? This particular solitaire game is actually quite old, but it looks stylish and still plays great. It's best for a really quick play, although we've sometimes found ourselves compelled to try and beat our previous scores...

The game plays exactly like a classic online Tripeaks solitaire game with the classic three pyramid layout and no wild cards. Cards played from the layout must be one higher or lower than visible deck card at the bottom. If the visible deck card is an Ace, either a King or 2 can be played. If you cannot play, click the covered deck cards at the bottom to show the next card and try again.

Scarab Solitaire is played against the clock. If you do not play a card in the allotted time the next card will be turned over for you! Unfortunately this solitaire game does not pause correctly when you press the instructions button at the top, so be warned.

As you might expect, every time you win a round you'll receive score bonuses based on your skill and the time taken to complete the round. If you run out of moves the game will automatically end.

If you are a bit like us then maybe the Egyptian style music will drive you a bit nuts after a while. You can turn it off at the top of the game screen by clicking the music note (which we found something of a blessing!).