Play Vegas Poker Solitaire

Use your poker skills to create the best hands in this superb combination of poker and online solitaire.

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Vegas Poker Solitaire Instructions

In this poker solitaire game your goal is to score as many points as you can over three rounds by creating poker hands either horizontally or vertically on the 5x5 grid.

The values of each hand are shown on the left side of the game screen. Some hands have different values to what you might expect, as in this game getting a flush is really easy, but getting a straight is quite hard! Getting a Royal Flush is the most difficult, but the immense points value of this hand is very enticing.

This online solitaire game is unique, as before each game you can use the magic wheel to spin for a power-up. There are four different power-ups that you can get. The Joker can be placed anywhere and will automatically be used to create the best possible hand both vertically and horiztonally. Throw Away Card removes the current card you can play and replaces it with a new one. Remove from Grid allows you to remove any single card from the grid. Switch cards lets you swap any two card on the grid.

Remember to use the the power-ups to your advantage, as each time you beat 50,000 points in a round you will be rewarded with a free bonus round allowing you to rack up even more points.