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Pyramid Solitaire Deluxe

A simple version of pyramid solitaire. If you like this game you will love Pyramid Solitaire - Ancinet Egypt which you can play here.

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Pyramid Solitaire Deluxe Instructions

In Pyramid Solitaire Deluxe your goal is to clear the pyramid of cards by creating combinations of 2 cards that add up to 13. This version of pyramid solitaire uses older rules that make this solitaire game quite a challenge.

Aces count as 1, Jacks as 11, Queens as 12 and Kings are 13 (and can be removed on their own). All other cards are at their face value. So for example you can combine a Queen and an Ace to remove that pair.

At any time you can click on the deck to deal yourself 3 new cards if they are available. This game features only one rounds of dealing, so once you have gone through the deck then that's it!

To win you must remove every card from both the layout and the deck. Each game is usually quite short, as the chances of winning are quite low. But perserverance, planning and patience will lead to a win.

Hints and Tips

  • At the start of the game, you should immediately turn over the deck and see those 3 cards. It can greatly effect your plans.
  • Often you can tell if a round is unwinnable. For example if you have 4 queens at the very top of the pyramid layout, and the aces are under them in the layout, you will never be able to reach the queens.
  • Try to remember the card order of the deck cards at the bottom. It's imperative if you want to increase your chances of winning!

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