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Magic Towers Solitaire (Also known as Tripeaks or Three Towers Solitaire)

In Magic Towers Solitaire fill the realm with magical towers in this variant of Tri Peaks!

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Magic Towers Solitaire Online Instructions

Magic Towers Solitaire is also known as Three Towers Solitaire. The goal of this online solitaire game is to clear the three towers of cards to win a level. Each time you complete a layout, you will move on to the next round of the game and begin again. To obtain a higher score try to complete as many rounds as possible in a row. The game ends if a round cannot be cleared.

Cards can be removed from the layout if they are one higher or lower than visible deck card shown at the bottom. If the visible card is an Ace, either a King or Two can be played. If you cannot play, click Next Card to show the next card.

The wild card can be played at any time, on top of any card. You can then place any card from the layout on top of it.

The undo button only allows one undo at a time.

Hints for Magic Towers Solitaire:

  • You obtain larger scores for long card runs. You can use the wild card to assist you in this endeavor.
  • Use the wild card wisely to increase your chances of completing a round. Many people recommend playing the card towards the end of a round.
  • Play quickly to increase your time bonus.
  • The undo button allows you to undo one move at a time, it can be used tactically to help uncover cards from either the deck or the layout that you would otherwise be unable to see.


This card game is available to place on your website. Download the distribution pack from Glowing Eye Games here.

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