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Pleasant version of Tri Peaks game with three difficulties.

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Crystal Tripeaks game info

Can you clear all three peaks of cards and reach the summits in this alternative version of Tri Peaks Solitaire?

Clear the cards by clicking cards one above or below the home card located at the bottom of the game area. You don’t have to take the suit of the cards into account. If you get stuck, you can deal a new card from the stock. You can use a Joker as a wildcard.

Carefully plan each move or you may run out of cards before you reach the top! Using the hint and undo buttons can help but they will cost you points.

This version of Tri Peaks has plenty of game stats for you to see your progress, a nice and simple tutorial and three difficulty levels:

  • Casual: 2 Jokers, and cards in stock are visible
  • Regular: 1 Joker, and cards in stock are visible
  • Expert: Cards in stock are hidden, and aces cannot be put on top of Kings

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