Play Crystal Pyramid Solitaire

An original take on pyramid solitaire with three difficulty levels that allows you to not only add up 2 cards to 13, but also remove pairs of similar cards.

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Crystal Pyramid Solitaire Instructions

At this site we absolutely love pyramid solitaire. So it was a real pleasure finding a version with an intriguing set of new rules.

The idea is as you might expect to remove all the cards from the layout shaped liked a pyramid. They can be removed by selecting two cards that add up to 13, or similar pairs. Kings can be removed on their own because they natural add up to 13 on their own.

You can select a card by clicking it or you can drag them on top of each other to combine them. Turn over more cards using the pile at the bottom left of the screen. If you can't make any moves then use the Joker to shuffle and redeal the current layout. You can only use the Joker once every three rounds.

There are three difficulty levels. The easiest level lets you cycle through the deck once and see all the cards. The medium difficulty level lets you only see the cards but you can't cycle through the deck. What may not be obvious on these easier difficulties is that once you pick up a card you can use the card below it, if it is not otherwise covered.

The expert difficulty (which really is only for experts) doesn't let see the layout or cycle through the deck.

You receive additional bonus points for combining 5 pairs in a row without turning over any additional cards. You also receive additional points on completing a round for completing it quickly and for any remaining deck.

Try to complete as many rounds as you can to rack up the highest score.