Play Crystal Spider Solitaire

A popular version of Spider Solitaire with multiple difficulty settings to test players of any skill level.

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Crystal Spider Solitaire Instructions

Crystal Spider Solitaire is without a doubt one of the best versions of spider solitaire that we have found.

To win, arrange the cards on the numbered stacks so they form full suits from King down to Ace. They are then automatically removed from play to one of the foundations below. If you can remove all the cards you will win a round! The idea is to win as many rounds of spider solitaire as possible.

The game includes three difficulty levels, from the fairly tame one suit version to the much more challenging four suit version which is for experts as wins are rare and hard fought!

Cards can only be placed on either an empty stack, or on another card that is one higher in value than card being moved. The suit doesn't matter, but you can only pick up multiple cards from a stack if they are all of the same suit and their order is completely correct.