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Ahoy me hearties, this is a fun combination of the games Klondike Solitaire and Freecell Solitaire.

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Pirate Solitaire Instructions

Shiver me timbers, to win Pirate Solitaire you must build the four piles in the top right from Ace to King. This game is a combination of FreeCell and Solitaire.

In the playing field, you can only build cards in descending sequence (high to low) using only the same suit. Groups of cards can be moved together if they are in a sequence. For example if you have a a column with say 4 of hearts, King of Clubs, Queen of Clubs and Jack of Clubs, you would only be able to move King of Clubs and the cards under it.

You can play any card on any empty space. So an important part of the game strategy is to open up those empty spaces!

You can turn over a card from a deck at any time, in the top left, if you get stuck.

This solitaire game is played against a timer, so you'll have to try and complete a level within 5 minutes. This can be quite a challenge in itself! Additionally the game will keep track of all the possible moves you have, so you don't have to keep going through the deck cards to check if you've missed any cards.

In this fun online solitaire game, try to finish 3 levels to find the the treasure of the Pirates