Play Sultan Solitaire

In Sultan Solitaire you must help the Sultan find all eight of his queens.

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Instructions for Sultan Solitaire

In Sultan Solitaire your goal is to arrange all the cards so that the Sultan (the King of Hearts) is surrounded by his eight queens.

The cards should be placed on the piles in ascending order of their suit. So to begin with you must find an Ace to place on the eight Kings around the edge, then a 2 and so until you find the Queens.

In Sultan Solitaire the cards are moved automatically to the correct pile by clicking on them. Around the edges of the screen you can see six places to temporarily put cards. If one of these places is free, you may move the current card shown at the top to this position, by clicking on the place. Get a new card by clicking the face down pack of cards at the top of screen.

You should find that the rules of the game are fairly simple, but be careful as you will be penalised for incorrect moves. Try to complete the game as quickly as possible.