Play Castle Solitaire

Take a tour of 10 amazing castles in this combination of a solitaire and spot the difference game.

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Castle Solitaire Instructions

In Castle Solitaire your goal is to complete each castle within this solitaire game.

This unique game combines a tripeaks style solitaire game and a spot the difference game.

While playing the solitaire segment, you have to remove all the cards by only playing cards that are one higher a lower than the your current useable card. But there is a fun little twist, you have two temporary card slots (and believe us you'll need them!). You can place any card in the temp card slots to use later.

Once you have completed a round of solitaire, you are taken to a spot the difference game where you must find the differences between the two castle images. You can use the hint button if you can spot any more differences.

Hints and Tips

  • While playing the solitaire element, we found that the best method to maximise the odds of winning a round, is to decide to either only go up in numbers or down in numbers (never swapping between the two even though you can). So for example if you decide to only go up, you would only ever play a 4 on a 3, and use the two temporary card slots to aid to that.
  • Of course this means you have to be super careful with your planning. But we did find that the biggest chance of losing is actually because you created a dead end of a sequence by going up, then down then up leaving certain cards stranded and impossible to reach.