Play Double Solitaire

Defeat the computer in a game of Klondike as you both try to remove your cards as quickly as possible.

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Double Solitaire Instructions

Double Solitaire plays very similarly to Klondike Solitaire except that you are playing in competition against the computer player.

You must try to move all your cards to the foundation piles in ascending order starting with the Ace. In this variant there are 8 foundation piles, because the computer can also move cards to any available foundation if it has a match.

As you probably are well aware you can only stack cards in alternating colors and in descending order. Groups of correctly stacked cards can be moved together. Only groups of cards starting with the King can be moved to an empty column. You can turn over additional cards one at a time. Finally double clicking a card will automatically move it to foundation pile if it is available. Beware you do have to be quick as the computer can often block you by getting its card to an available foundation more quickly than you!

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