Play Snow White Solitaire

An exciting free solitaire game that adds a twist to Tripeaks so that cards keep on coming from above!

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Snow White Solitaire game info

This solitaire game is an interesting twist on our regular Tripeaks. As you clear the cards away, more cards will continue to cascade down. The game has multiple levels, gradually becoming more and more difficult.

Like all tripeaks solitaire games, cards can be removed by picking a card from the board that is one higher or lower than the current card shown. You can play the joker at any time to assist you. As you progress, you will get more cards dealt to you that you will be able to use including additional jokers.

At the very start if the game you should select any card that you can access in the layout to begin. It's a bit too easy to just click on a deck card and remove it needlessly. Make sure you don't run out of time!

As you progress in this solitaire game, you will be treated with new backgrounds based on Snow White.