Play Jacks

Try to earn as much as you can by playing 20 rounds of blackjack!

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How to Play Jacks

Are you a master of blackjack? Play 20 rounds of this card game and see if you can bust the casino.

This game follows the classic rules of casino blackjack. Place your bet then try to beat the dealer, while making sure your cards add up to 21 or less. Aces are either high or low, and are equal to 11 or 1. All other cards are at their face value.

Just like the casino version of the game, you will be able to split cards and double bets at various points.

Each time you beat the dealer you will win two and half times your bet. If you draw against the dealer, in this version of the classic card game, you will receive your betting stake back. Real life casino's are much less friendly!

Hints and Tips

  • Your maximum bet is $1000. The best strategy to see if you can win the most money is to start with the maximum bet. This way if you lose your first round, you'll quickly be able to start another game.
  • The dealer will always hit on 16 or less.The dealer does not need to play if you go bust, and wins automatically.
  • No doubt you've played blackjack, but it's worth mentioning that you should decide whether to hit and take a card based on what card the dealer is showing. So for example if the dealer is showing an 7, and you have a total of 13, the odds are that the dealer will have 17, so you should hit. On the other side if the dealer shows a 5 and you have say 15 in total it is probably best if you stick with the cards you have and hope that the dealer will go bust.
  • Double will double your bet and allow you to get only one more card. In certain circumstances this is a really good bet, especially if you have say a total of 11 and the dealer does not look like they have anything great.
  • Splitting cards (when you have to cards that are the same), can greatly increase your winnings especially if you are fortunate enough to be able to split two Aces.