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Mahjong Connect is a classic childhood favourite. Based on the original Chinese game of Mahjong, this version is one of many variations of the popular skills-based game. Challenging a player’s strategy, patience and skills, are you able to beat the clock?!

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Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect

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Mahjong Connect game info


Players are presented with an arrangement of Mahjong tiles and must match tiles to clear them from the game board. To progress to the next level, the game board must be cleared within the time limit. Each level becomes increasingly more difficult - can you reach the maximum level?!


As mentioned above, players must match tiles to clear them from the board - tiles can only be matched with other tiles showing the exact same pattern. The gauge at the bottom left of the screen indicates the time left to complete the level. If there are still tiles remaining on the board when the timer runs out, the game is over. Players can only progress to the next level when they clear the board within the time limit. The counter on the bottom left of the screen (next to the timer gauge) indicates the current level.

The game is over when the player fails to clear the game board within the time limit. However, this won’t erase their level of progress. For example, if in their last game a player completed level 5 but lost on level 6, their new game will begin on level 6 instead of level 1. Their scores will reset with the new game.

What can be matched with what?

Although tiles have to be the same to be matched, not all same tiles can be matched if they are obstructed by other tiles - i.e. tiles have to be reasonably exposed. Let's take a look at some examples.


Mahjong Connect features the same tiles used in classic Mahjong games. The game pieces are divided into three suits: bamboos, dots and characters. At the beginning of the game only bamboos and dots will be played. As players progress through the game, the third suit is introduced to increase level difficulty.

Each suit has tiles numbered from 1 through to 9:

Note: Traditional Mahjong will also feature honor tiles (flowers, dragons and winds tiles). However, these are not in our version of the game. 

Controls and Scoring

Controls for Mahjong Connect are simple and straight-forward. Simply use the mouse to select a tile, then find a matching tile and click on it to match the two.

Tiles will be highlighted in yellow when a player is hovering above the tile i.e. before selection. Tiles will be highlighted in red when a player has selected the tile that is to be matched.

Mahjong Connect’s scoring is also incredibly straight-forward. Players collect two points per match, with an added bonus for completing and clearing the level.

Features and Tips 

Let’s look at some of the features Mahjong Connect offers. 


This is found in the upper left corner of the screen. The number next to this button indicates the number of times you can ‘reset’ the board. 

‘Resetting’ the board is essentially scrambling the remaining tiles into new arrangements. The face of the tiles may change, as well as their layout, but the number of tiles left remains the same. If a player had 10 tiles left before resetting, they will still have 10 tiles left after resetting. Use wisely as you’ll only get a limited amount! 


This is found next to the ‘Reset’ button and similarly has a number to indicate the number of hints available. Click on this when you’re really struggling and a pair of matching tiles will flicker and flash. Clear these away and hopefully more matches will open up!

Resets and Hints can be obtained through completing levels. These are also replenished when a new game begins.


When a tile has more than one tile it could be matched to, take a couple seconds to evaluate each potential match. Which tile is more exposed? Which tile could, when removed, expose more tiles? 

For example, imagine a situation where a tile can be matched with a tile all exposed with no tiles adjacent, or with a tile adjacent to three other tiles (still legal move). In such a scenario, it would be more beneficial to match the tile with the second tile. The reason for this is because in clearing this tile, the remaining three tiles become more exposed, opening them up for matches. 

The game is developed by Agame. Mahjong Connect belongs to the category of board games.

System requirements

Mahjong Connect can be played in all modern browsers, on all device types (desktop, tablet, mobile), and on all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, ...).

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Rating: 83% (218 votes)
Developer: Agame
Technology: Flash (emulated)
Wiki's: Wikipedia
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