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Play Mexican Train Dominoes Gold

We hope that you will enjoy this slick version of the popular domino game. This classic game is available again thanks to an experimental technology for emulating Flash games. Hopefully everything works as expected.

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Mexican Train Dominoes Gold

Mexican Train Dominoes Gold

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SolitaireParadise. is free to use, but not to operate.

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Mexican Train Dominoes Gold game info

This version of the popular dominoes game is a well made version including modes for three or four players, variable game lengths and multiple themed backgrounds.


Mexican Train Dominoes Gold can be played with three or four players. When playing with three players, the game uses Double-Nines domino set. When playing with four players, the game uses a Double-Twelves domino set. Four player games are longer and can be more complex.

Game Modes

There are three game modes:


Every player is dealt 15 dominoes (also called bones). The remaining dominoes go into a draw pile (the boneyard).


The idea of the game is to remove all the dominoes from your hand. You do this by moving dominoes from your hand to the "trains" above. The first player to remove all their dominoes wins the round.

First move

Each round is started with a certain Double domino, called the engine. Subsequent rounds are started with Double dominoes in descending value.

Blitz and Short games start with a random Double domino and descend from there.

Full games start with the Double-Nine (three players) or Double-Twelve (four players) and end with the Double-Blank after respectively 10 and 13 rounds.

The player with the engine starts the round. You must also start your own train with the value on the engine.


You can only attach a domino to a train if it has a matching side. The train at the top, referred to as the Mexican Train, can be played to by every player. Additionally, each player has their own train which is exclusive to them (during normal play).

If a player can play a domino, he must make a move. If a player can’t make a move, he has to draw a bone and play it if he can. Only if the drawn domino also cannot be played, the player can pass.

If a player passes, their train will be marked with a penny meaning they are open for other players to play to. When the owner of a train plays a domino to their train again, their train is again exclusive to them.

If you or another player lays a double domino (e.g. a double 6) then it must be covered before play can continue. If you can't make a move you can get a new domino and lay that one down. If that domino doesn't help you then you can pass your current move. If a Double is left uncovered at the end of a train, it is mandatory for the next player to cover it (indicated by an exclamation mark). This freezes normal play until it is covered by a player.

Trains can become blocked when there are no dominoes in the game anymore that have the required value to extend the train. These blocked trains happen typically in games with three players, less often in games with four players.


When a round ends, it is scored based on the number of pips in each player’s hand.

The winner of the round is the first one that got rid of all their dominoes, so they score 0 points.

All other players get points for the dominoes still in their hand, valued by the number of pips on the dominoes.

The scores for all rounds are summed up. To win after the set number of rounds you must have the lowest score.

Tips and tricks

System requirements

Mexican Train Dominoes Gold can be played in all modern browsers, on all device types (desktop, tablet, mobile), and on all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, ...).

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Rating: 78% (510 votes)
Developer: Glowing Eye Games
Technology: Flash (emulated)
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