Solitaire Blitz Hints and Tips

Made by the those great folks at Pop Cap games, we recently discovered Solitaire Blitz. We're big fans at Solitaire Paradise and we've been honing our skills to create this guide on how to get the best scores in the game. The rules of the game are quite simple, just select the cards that are one higher or lower. However the way the game is made lends itself to lots of interesting playing strategies as it's jam packed with collectibles and power-ups, known as Boosts.

Solitaire Blitz Basic Information

When you start Solitaire Blitz you'll notice you have one card that you can use to begin with and there is a time limit. The multiplier is also shown to the far right of the game screen (it's important!). The idea is to remove all the cards within the time limit, and by getting longer card runs, completing the game quickly you'll get higher scores. As you play you'll find key cards, that unlock the other slots so that you can use more cards while playing. Before you start playing you can also purchase boosts that help you. The boosts can be purchased with silver you get while playing or you can put down some real live cash and buy some. One annoyance is the energy limit, it does get charged up over time though and if you are playing at work it's probably a good thing!

Solitaire Blitz Gameplay


Before you start the game you will have the option to buy boosts. These are special power-ups that will assist you in the game if you have enough silver for them. The game is currently in beta so the boosts changed but the ones I have seen are Extra Time, Depth Charges, Run Finder, Starrgh- Fish, Key Magnet and Bonus Fish.

  • Extra Time starts you off with an extra half minute on the clock. (This one is good for novices).
  • Depth Charges destroy part of a stack of cards, but you have to reach the depth charge first.
  • Starrgh-fish - makes 6 good moves for you very quickly.
  • Run Finder - will show you if there is a set of cards in a stack that will work as a run.
  • Key Magnet - draws all the key cards to the top of their stacks.
  • Bonus Fish - this starts your multiplier at X 2.

For players who have played a few games we recommend the following boosts. Depth Charges, Run Finder and Bonus Fish.

Solitaire Blitz is played against the clock starting with one minute on it. This isn't much time at all, but if you look carefully you will see that a line is drawn across the play area. If you get all 7 of your card stacks below that line you'll get additional 20 seconds and line will be drawn lower down. If you find yourself running out time then try to get those stacks down!

When you start the game you will notice that you can only use one card. You can unlock the other 2 slots by removing the cards with keys on them. You can see where those cards are located even when they are face down. It's pretty important to get to these as quickly as possible!


While playing you score points for placing cards, creating card runs where you remove multiple cards in a row without turning over more cards (which can also unlock more multiplier fish if you get 10 in a row, further increasing your score), creating rare card combos and getting rid of stacks of cards. Further more if you play quickly you will get bonus for rapidly removing 4 cards in a row without clicking an incorrect card or drawing more cards.

Rare Card Combos that give bonus points

  • Three of a kind e.g. 7 - 7 - 7
  • Royal Family - J Q K (in any order)
  • Up-Down Bonus - alternate between two cards that go up an down and play through those two cards 6 times in a row.

At the end of the game you will receive additional points depending on how much time you have left, how many cards you haven't used and if you are on a winning streak. The more games in a row you win, the bigger the bonus for the winning streak.

Solitaire Blitz Tips

  • If you are playing with boosts. Select Depth Charges, Key Magnet and Bonus Fish. Although extra time will get you a slightly better score bonus at the end of the game, you'll find Key Magnet more useful. Run Finder recently disappeared but if it comes back you should select that instead of Key Magnet. Depth Charges also give you a shot at continuing a run if you have no more cards that you can play.
  • Keep an eye out for on your time. If you are running out of time, then try to get those stacks of cards down below the line that is drawn across the play area as quickly as possible.
  • Play stacks that have key cards so you can open up more slots. After that try to remove stacks that are longer before removing shorter stacks. It's not always possible of course and the most important thing is to try and keep those card runs going! Ideally you want to keep your stacks fairly balanced as it can be tricky to remove a long stack that remains near the end of the game as you have hardly any options for your moves.
  • Okay this tip is an obvious one. Try to plan your moves and keep racking up those card runs to unlock more multiplier fish! A card run of 10, will bring out the multiplier fish.
  • If the game has two options on where to place a card it will always pick the left most card of the three. If you don't plan correctly this can sometimes upset your card runs which admittedly is difficult because of the time pressure in the game.
  • Bonus points received for removing stacks are NOT multiplied, so you don't need to worry about planning when to remove a complete stack.
  • Try to play quickly to get bonus points for speed by removing four cards in a row quickly without clicking an incorrect card or getting any more cards.
  • The game gives you an additional bonus of 1000 points for each game you have won in a streak. This can add up quite nicely, so do try to keep winning!
  • Use the joker's at the right time! In particular if you have a joker as the last card of the stack and you've only created a short run, it might be prudent to save it for the next set of cards that you draw in the hope that you will be able to create a longer card run and get way more points for your trouble.

Good luck with the game!